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TRP-C37 Ethernet to RS-232/422/485 Converter

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TRP-C37 Ethernet to RS-232/422/485 Converter Data Communication


TRP-C37 is suitable industrial environment Ethernet serial server, wide range power input and serial communicate protection, Built-in surge, over current ,over voltage ensure long distance serial quality , the RS485 interface built-in hardware decoder ensure RS485 data without lost and fast direction switching , Specify hardware can keep on line RS485 device working fine; Increase external watchdog function will auto reset when Ethernet serial server or power fail, if careless lost password or IP that can easy to back to factory by external switch. The TRP-C37 operates in “Direct IP Mode”, “Virtual COM Mode”, and “Paired Mode”. It has one DB-9 serial port for RS232 connector and screw terminal block for RS422/485 and power . The Ethernet port support Auto-MDIX and Auto-select 10/100MB. TRPC37 also offers a Heart Beat feature to ensure a reliable communicating connection. The TRP-C37 support maximum connection 16 host clients to link the one serial server that is easy to operate in Modscan32 and Modbus Poll application uses Virtual-COM mode and Pair Mode. When TRP-C37 working at industrial environment, if the voltage is unstable , The TRP-C37 built-in power detection circuit can prevent the power fail cause of the system boot fail. In network security, the TRP-C37 is able to set up 8 sets host IP, only these host IP can access the TRPC37.

  • Wide input range DC power supply.
  • Power Input detection circuit.
  • External watchdog function prevents system or power fail.
  • Support Auto-MDIX twisted pair crossover detection and Auto-Correction.
  • Maximum Connection 16 Client PC at Server Mode.
  • Maximum 8 sets host IP that limits network access.
  • Surge protection and over current and over voltage on RS-422/485 data lines.
  • Support baud rate form1200~921600Kbps.
  • Auto switching RS-232/422/485 signal interface.
  • Virtual COM drivers for Windows 98/WIN2000/WIN XP/Vista/WIN2003/WIN 7/WIN 8/WIN 8.1/WIN10.
  • Virtual Com Support Server, Client, UDP mode.
  • Fully compatible with Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol.
  • Supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.
  • Power/Link/RX/TX mode LED indicator.
  • Heart Beat function ensures a reliable communicating connection.
  • Auto Pair-mode when power or Ethernet fails.
  • Back to factory by external switch.
  • Support configuration by serial console.
  • Update the firmware from Lan.
  • Dual power input select from screw terminal or DC-jack.
  • Power Input Voltage: DC +10V to +30V.
  • LAN: Auto-MDIX, 10/100 Mbps Auto-detecting.
  • RS-232: TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, GND.
  • RS485 signal: differential 2 half-duplex wires (DATA+, DATA-).
  • RS422 signal: differential 4 full-duplex wires(TX+,RX+,TX-,RX-).
  • Data Rate: 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200,921600 K bps .
  • Parity: none, even, odd.
  • Data Bits: 5, 6, 7 or 8.
  • Stop Bits: 1, 1.5 or 2.
  • Protocol: TCP, IP, ARP, DHCP, Telnet, HTTP, UDP, ICMP
  • External switch
    1,2:OFF/OFF :TCP and VSP mode.
    ON/ OFF : Option .
    OFF/ON :Option.
    ON/ON :Back to Factory.
  • Virtual-Com
    RS232 TXD,RXD,GND.
    RS422 TX+,TX-,RX+,RX-.
    RS485 DATA+,DATA-.
  • Heartbeat function: TCP 5300 port send a strings per 5 seconds.
  • Maximum TCP connections at the same time: 16.
  • Power supply: Screw terminal or DC jack .
  • Serial interface: +/-15 KV ESD.
  • RS422/485 interface: Surge, over current, over voltage protection.
  • Power consumption: 12V/140mA.
  • Operating Temperature:-10 to 65 °C.
  • Humidity: 0~90% Non-Condensing.
  • Dimensions: 151(L)*75(W)*26(H) mm.
  • Weight: 395g with packing.
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