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Engineering Services (PQ Audit, DC Audit, Arc-Flash Audit, ShortCircuit Analysis etc)

Saturn Pyro offers in house consultancy & engineering services in addition to products & solutions it offers.

Industrial Signal & Communications Converters

The simple use is guarantee by the Windows validation drivers that you download automatically when you have your PC connected to the network.

Power Quality Analyzers

A new low-cost, high-precision of Power Quality, Energy & Environment Monitoring device.

Energy Management & Scada Software

Scada systems for Electrical Infrastructure monitoring and control; including consultation, hardware, software and deployment.

Gas, Air and Water Meters

FBTU2X is a cost effective flow meter (Optional BTU) which can be used in a wide range of long-term Flow & BTU measurements.

Energy Meters

Adopting multiple high-precision energy metering chip to achieve multi-channel DC energy meter’s function.

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saturn pyro sdn bhd

At SaturnPyro, we focus on key technologies and solutions which enable our partners and customers to continuously improve their safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability. We provide:

Energy Management System (EnMS) solutions, including consultation, hardware, software and deployment. EnMS enables an organization or installation to utilize energy effectively and efficiently, optimizing demand and consumption. EnMS is a prerequisite for ISO standard ISO50001 and Superior Energy Performance installations and organizations.

IoT Products & Solutions for various measure, monitor & manage requirements including for Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental, Industrial IoT (Air Compressor, Chillers, Pumps), Critical Infrastructure (Data Centers, Airports, Water Treatment Plants) and Industrial Facilities.

Scada communication and protocol translation solutions for cross platform integration and seamless operation. Communication between various SCADA Systems / remote devices (RTU / PLC / Transformers / IEDs) operating under different communication protocols with our ICx Gateway.

ETAP Power System Modelling including Short Circuit, Load Flow, Protection Discrimination and Arc Flash; on the latest ETAP licensed version. Our service includes consultation with recommendations and corrective actions.

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