Comprehensive EnMS

Comprehensive EnMS


We analysed the measuring and benchmarking solutions available for EnMS deployment in the market and came to the conclusion that existing offerings were lacking. They were expensive to deploy, required a high degree of technical competency (which again increased the cost of deployment), disrupts operations at the organization during the EnMS deployment and didn’t cover all the required features such as EnPI benchmarking, analytics or external mimic display broadcasting the energy performance.

ISO’s goal of EnMS covering 60% of global energy consumption was simply not attainable with this situation. Medium sized organization would find it difficult in overcoming the obstacles in deploying an EnMS and this would defeat the purpose of ISO50001; ISO standard on Energy Management.

We set to develop a solution that address all the shortcomings and make EnMS available to the mid and low end of the market. A typical EnMS is made of three main components, the measuring devices which enable sub-metering of individual cost centers, data communication bridge and control system.

Our solution had to be cost effective, easily deployed without much disruption to the installation and avoid the pitfalls associated with fit and retrofit activities. Additionally it had to be easy where any competent electrician would be able to deploy it and at the same time be comprehensive enough so that all the features of an effective EnMS is present. In short, the EnMS was supposed to be completed in "3 SIMPLE STEPS"... and we named it i3EnMS...

 Our i3EnMS Energy Management Platform was designed to be "Hardware Agnostic"... totally compatible with ANY/ALL available power meter used for sub-metering. This ensures existing investments are still used and new investment on hardware is totally open and not restricted to any make or model. Additionally, any device which has RS485 communication can be integrated into i3EnMS.

Our i3NET data communication module is able to use multiple communication modes in parallel, which translates into total flexibility in selecting the communication mode. Both wired and wireless communication modes can be used, with wired solutions being RS485 cables, LAN network and over existing power lines... the wireless include WIFI, Industrial RF and Zigbee.

Existing control systems while expensive also required a high degree of technical competency to deploy. This was the final barrier that we have to overcome and to do it we started the development of our Control System which came pre-configured with standard reports and screens. It could be easily customized to each installation and features one of a kind mimic display output, where the energy consumption data is sent to an external display (such as a LCD TV)... which are located at each major energy consumption cost centre.

The MIMIC display in our opinion is a critical component of the EnMS as real-time and historical energy consumption information of the installation is available for everyone. The broadcast of energy consumption data and trend promotes an energy efficient culture within the organization.

To sum up, our i3 EnMS is the most comprehensive, fastest, easiest and cost effective Energy Management System available in the market... easily deployed in 3 simple steps...