TP4CH 3 Phase 4 Wire Smart Meter


TP4CH 3 Phase 4 Wire Smart Meter

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TP4CH 3 PHASE 4 WIRE SMART METER is a 3Phase Energy Meter that measures 4 different loads (4 in 1 energy meter) with Modbus RTU enabled. Supplied with 100A or 400A Split-Core Clip On CTs ( 3nos x 4 channel). It is compliant to IEC 62053-21 “Static meters for active energy (Class 1 & 2)” and IEC 62053-23 “Static meters for reactive energy (Class 2 & 3)”.


  • Each of the 4 channel has an independent high-precision energy metering chip, to ensure metering accuracy and reliability.
  • 4 quadrant energy measurement; each channel can measure both import energy and export energy with nett energy calculations.
  • Electrical parameters measured by each channel includes V, I, F, PF, kW, kVAr, kVA.
  • Able to record and alarm events like undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage spike, phase loss, etc.
  • Reading closing date can be set to enable automatic bill settlement for each month.
  • Timed data freeze, hourly data freeze and daily data freeze. Meter can freeze data of energy, etc. There are 30 timed freeze, 254 hourly freeze, 62 daily freeze.
  • LCD digital display, loop display of various parameter (of each channel).
  • Data from meter can be read by handheld unit (IR port) and thru RS485 interface.
  • Compliant to standard 35mm din rail installation.
  • Accuracy Class: Active:0.5S, 1,Reactive: 1, 2
  • Clock Accuracy: ≤ 0.5s/day (23℃), variation with temperature change < 0.1s/day
  • Connection Type: by CT
  • Working Voltage: DC 40V~273V,AC 40V~288V
  • Voltage Range (no phase loss)

Specified Operation Voltage 0.3Un~1.1Un
Extended Operation Voltage 0.15Un~1.15Un
Working Voltage Limit 0.0Un~1.15Un
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power Consumption (nominal condition)

Basic Current <10A ≥10A
Voltage Circuit of Each Phase ≤1.5W, 6VA ≤1.5W, 6VA
Current Circuit of Each Phase ≤0.2VA ≤0.4VA

Temperature & Humidity: 23°C±2°C & RH 40% ~ 60%
Weight: 350g


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