BTU2X Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter


BTU2X Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

3Wire - BTU2X

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter


BTU2X Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter with BTU Function (Optional) is a compact and advanced portable device, use to verify the flow (BTU), datalog system values over an extended time period or even as a permanent deployment. This unit is supplied with clamp-on type Ultrasonic Flow Sensors which require NO tapping or cutting. For the BTU version, it is supplied with clamp on PT1000 sensors. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for measuring flow throughout the plumbing infrastructure to verify sensor, pump and valve performance.


  • Easy to install, reduced installation time and cost.
  • No pressure head loss, No moving parts to maintain or replace.
  • BTU function is an option. could be used as a portable ultrasonic energy meter.
  • Built-In data storage and supports external data transmission as well.


The ultrasonic flowmeter widely application in oil industry, water treatment, pure water, chemical and etc.


  • Carrying Case *1pc
  • Transmitter (Electronic) *1pc
  • Transducer (Sensor) *1 pair
  • Mounting track *1 set
  • Pipe straps *2 pairs
  • Coupling compound (Grease) *1 pc
  • Battery charge *1pc Output cable *1pc and Tapeline *1pc


Transfer time means the time taken by ultrasonic signal from the transducer is transmitted and received through the moving liquid, there will be a difference between the upstream and downstream transit time, which can be used to calculate flow and velocity. An ultrasonic meter equipped with heat flow capabilities measures the rate and quantity of heat delivered or removed from devices such as heat exchangers. By measuring the volumetric flow rate of the heat exchanger liquid, the temperature at the inlet pipe and the temperature at the outlet pipe, the energy usage can be calculated.

Flow meter model (example):

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter, TT02 type transducer 5m cables with single guide
mounting track.

Energy/ Btu meter model (example):

Portable Ultrasonic Energy/Btu Meter , TT02 type transducer 5m cables with single
guide typemounting track. A pair of PT1000 clamp on temperature sensor, 9m cables.

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