Schneider - Easergy P1


Schneider - Easergy P1

Schneider - Easergy P1

The Easergy P1 relays are suitable for the applications where overcurrent and/or earthfault and voltage protection are required. Easergy P1F and P1V models can be applied to medium and low voltage electrical systems.

Easergy P1 relays provide features for easy adaptation to different applications and operation conditions. The P1F and P1V models can be fully configured manually, without using setting software. Alternatively, eSetup Easergy Pro (or Easergy Studio) setting software allows configuration parameters to be modified for a specific application via the USB port. IEC 60870-5-103 and Modbus RTU integrated communication protocols are available for flexible integration into most substation control or DCS systems. Close and trip commands can be executed via functional key on the front panel, default menu window, DCS/SCADA system (RS485) or configured binary input. Three level password gives proper access rights for secure maintenance of the relay. As a device housed in a small sized flush-mountable case, the P1V and P1F models can be easily installed in all modern, dimension-focused switchgear panels , up to IP54 ingress protection degree. The relay can be also considered as a cost-effective answer to retrofit demands of older substations. In P1F we have, for overcurrent protection functionatily, selectable measuring criteria: True RMS and/or fundamental frequency (Fourier) current measurements allow to increase selectivity and adapt to the application.


The following functions are generally available in all devices:
• Operate in 1, 2, or 3-phase arrangement.
• Two setting groups, selected from the relay menu, binary input or SCADA/DCS.
• Flush mounted case.
• Fundamental and True RMS (within a frequency range from 10Hz to 1kHz) phase current value measurement.
• 9 button keypad to input settings, configure the relay and close and trip command and display (graphical).
• Fault record for most recent trips.

The P1F protection relays are comprised of a suite of protection functions as well as auxiliaries. Each function can be individually configured or disabled to suit every kind of application. All available functions, including protection, automation, communication, LEDs, inputs and outputs, are easily programmable through the user-friendly human machine interface and/or the eSetup Easergy Pro software interface. The graphical LCD provides the user with key information (faults, measurements, settings, etc). The menus have a pull-down structure for easy use and quick access to any data. User can switch HMI language directly through the front panel. 8 LEDs (6 freely configurable) indicate the correct operation of the relay as well as other information regarding the protection of the electrical system. The hardware architecture and software algorithms have been designed to operate on very short failure detection times. Tripping occurs typically within 40 ms.


Easergy P1F numerical overcurrent protection relay provides an optimized solution. Typical applications are:
• Utility and industrial substation fitted with cost-optimized MV switchboards
• Retrofit relays of old technology, particularly during installation of DCS systems
• Transformers, incomers, bus couplers, overhead lines and underground cables on MV systems
• Neutral system protection (insulated, solid and resistance earthed)
• LV substations.

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Built on over a century of experience in medium-voltage protection relays, the new Easergy P1 is designed to meet your customers’ needs for electrical protection, connectivity and everyday ease-of-use.
Easergy P1 is designed to be an effective solution for simple applications like overcurrent, earth-fault, voltage and frequency. Suited for basic distribution applications in commercial and industrial buildings, industrial settings or distribution utilities or as LV applications when ANSI functions are required. Ideal for back-up protection in new installations or in retrofit applications when replacing legacy relays. Reduce time and costs with simple installation, setting and configuration. 

Get more benefits with digital, reliable and efficient Easergy P1:
• Single function voltage or current protection
• Incomer, feeder or transformer applications
• Simple to order, install and operate

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