IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Motors

IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Motors

Ultimo Series IE4 Super Premium Motors conform to IEC 60034-30-2014-03
  • Suitable for continuous process industries.
  • Short payback period for replacement.
  • Enhanced motor life.
  • Reduced maintenance
Considerations for selection and usage of IE4 Super Premium Motors

Machine tools, textiles, air conditioning, dairy equipment, packing machinery, material handling equipment, geared motors, wood processing plants, solvent extraction plants, edible oil factories, cement plants , paper mills, sugar plants, steel plants, petrochemical plants, pharma and chemical industries.

The load factor should be chosen between 65 to 100%, so that the advantage of saving will be achieved. The efficiency under such condition have flat efficiency. Thus savings are significant even in partial loads. The benefit of using the IE4 motors are maximum in continuous duty applications like blowers, compressors, fans, exhausters and pumps.

Assessing cost effectiveness
Saving calculated as follows:
kW = Output of motor
E1 = Efficiency of standard motors
E2 = Efficiency of IE4 motors.

Savings = X x Working Hours x Working Days x Tariff


Method of testing efficiency
It is very important to follow proper method of determining the efficiency of the motor. IE4 motors efficiency is determined as per method given in IEC 60034-2-1.

Operating speed
IE4 motors have very less slip (Higher speeds) compared to standard motors. Care shall be taken while selecting centrifugal equipment like pump, fans and compressors.

VFD Applications
When IE4 motors are used with VFD for variable speed applications, the saving can be much higher, Further the inrush current is not encountered with VFD.
So it makes a great deal of senseto choose IE4 level motors whenever a motor is needed to be replaced to drive any application.

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