Split Core CT (Bolt-On Type) SPD Series - 1500/5A


Split Core CT (Bolt-On Type) SPD Series - 1500/5A

Split Core CT (Bolt-On Type)

SPD Series - 1500/5A

The split core series current transformer has been specially designed to facilitate their installation in new or existing network. It can be installed without opening any cable or bus-bar circuit. The connection of conventional current transformers usually requires the interruption of the primary side circuit to pass cables or bus-bars through the transformer core. It can be easily opened and installed without any supply interruption thus save time and installation costs.

§Energy metering & sub-metering
§Energy Management Systems
§Control & monitoring devices
§Energy saving devices

§Rated Current: 1500A
§Secondary Output: 5A or 1A
§Accuracy: 0.5% ~ 1% from 10% to 150% of full scale range
§Rated test voltage: 3kV AC (1minute)
§Rated short-time thermal current: 60In
§Rated dynamic current, (Idyn): 2.5Ith
§Rated voltage, (Vm): 0.72kV AC
§Operating temperature: -10deg C ~ 50deg C
§Housing rating: UL 94V0
§Safety factor: FS 5

Split Core CT Dimension
Model Outer Dimension (mm) Window Size (mm) Installation Size (mm) CT Ratio Burden
L W H a e M N
SPD-XH-30x20 90 40 110 20 30 49 52 100/5 ~400/5 1VA ~ 2.5VA
SPD-XH-80x50 115 37 156 50 80 81 50 250/5 ~ 1000/5 1.5VA ~ 5VA
SPD-XH-80x80 145 37 159 80 80 111 45 250/5 ~ 1000/5 1.5VA ~ 5VA
SPD-XH-120x80 145 37 200 80 120 111 45 500/5 ~ 1500/5 2.5VA ~ 7.5VA
SPD-XH-160x80 185 53 248 80 160 118 45 1000/5 ~ 3000/5 10VA ~ 15VA

SPD Series Split Core CT

High accuracy, yet very cost effective industrial split-core and bolt-on current transformers supplier in Malaysia & Singapore. Available in Penang, KL, Selangor, Johor & anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore.

Available in Penang, KL, Selangor, Johor & anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore.

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