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ICx Gateway

ICx Gateway - Solutions for SCADA communication and protocol translation

  • Protocol Converter
  • Data Concentrator
  • Pass-through Configuration (Transparent Device)
  • Protocol Analyzer / Monitoring
Operating Mode:
  • Personal Computers (PC Mode): ICx Gateway can be implemented on any WINDOWS 2000 / XP based computers provided with required serial and Ethernet ports.
  • Embedded Systems:
    -     ICxE 1150: x86 Architecture
           >> Win XPE Based
           >> 2 LAN, 1 RS232, 2 RS485
           >> 2 Master, 128 Slaves
    -     ICxE 1150E: x86 Architecture
          >> Win XPE Based
          >> 2 LAN, 1 RS232, 2 RS485
          >> 2 Master, 256 Slaves
    -     ICxE 3074 / 72: Intel Pentium / Celeron
          >> Win XPE Based
          >> 2 LAN, 2 RS232, 2 RS485 (Max upto 8 LAN & 36 Serial Ports)
          >> 4 / 2 PCI Slots
          >> 8 Master, 1152 Slaves
  • Device Redundancy: ICx gateway devices can be configured for redundancy allowing seamless switchover from one device to another without effecting the communication.
  • Link Redundancy: Over a single ICx gateway, communication links (Serial / Ethernet) can be configured for redundancy, eliminating single point of failure.
  • Full compatibility with Industrial standard Protocols.
  • Supported media types are:
    -     Serial Interface (RS 232, RS 422, RS 485)
    -     Ethernet/LAN (TCP/IP)
Database & Diagnosis:
  • Integration with MS Excel for Protocol data points and parameters definitions
  • Versioning (commented) of database allows full control.
  • Error reporting and protocol analysis enable easy maintenance of the system.
Sample Implementation :
  • Substation Gateway: ICx can communicate with SCADA System / remote devices (RTU / PLC / Transformers / IEDs) and transfer the data to Remote Control Centres.
  • Automatic / Remote Metering Device: ICx can read data from meters and communicate this data to AMR Applications.
  • IED Data Concentrator: ICx can communicate with Multiple IEDs over RS 485 and extends the full control for the Master Station over single interface for all the IEDs.
The ICx Gateway supports the following Protocols:
  • IEC 60870-5-101 Master/Slave
  • IEC 60870-5-103 Master/Slave
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Master/Slave
  • IEC 61850 Client/Server
  • DNP3 Serial Master/Slave
  • DNP3 Network Master/Slave
  • MODBUS RTU Serial Master/Slave
  • MODBUS TCP Master/Slave
  • Ethernet / IP
  • Profibus DP Master/Slave
  • HNZ Master / Slave
  • HART Master/Slave
  • Custom Protocol Support: All protocols supported are developed and maintained indigenously. RBH has experienced team and expert domain knowledge to successfully develop and deploy any customer specific protocols.

  • ICx Gateways comes bundled with WINDOWS based Configuration Tool that allows easy data points (tags) configuration and mapping yet allowing full control over the application and protocol.
  • ICx allows direct integration of MS Excel sheet, enabling faster and user friendly parameter configuration (basic as well as advanced).
  • All protocol mappings and communication related parameters are comprehensively covered in Excel Sheets thus allowing complete and easy management of data points.
Database Management:
  • When Excel Datasheets are imported into ICx Gateway, new Database is created. ICx allows versioning (with user comments) of the Database
  • User can switch to any version of the database as per requirements.
  • ICx Gateways has inbuilt Maintenance and Diagnosis Capabilities. It includes:
  • Protocol Analyzer: Featuring protocol packet capturing & analysis, and Error Logging
  • Gateway Start / Stop
  • Database Management: Database Downloading and Switching, Protocol selection and configuration settings

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