QNA-P Portable Power Analyzer


QNA-P Portable Power Analyzer

QNA-P Portable Power Analyzer

Product Description

Portable electric power quality analyzer that measures and records the data in compliance with the class A IEC-61000-4-30 Standard. Specially designed for outdoor measurements or in situations that require a highly accurate and very robust unit.

The QNA-P enclosure has an IP 67 degree of protection, which guarantees its robustness to strong impacts. The QNA-P analyzer has been tailor-made with clips and it has a wide range of flexible (LV measurements) and rigid clips (LV and MV Measurements). The internal switches can be adapted to any type of network (3/4 wires), with the use of its rigid (CP type) and flexible (C-FLEX type) clips.

  • The QNA-P portable analyzer is highly versatile and can combine rigid and flexible nucleus clips. Its robustness makes it ideal for the intake of measurements in places subject to severe weather conditions.
  • The unit has been specially designed for the execution of audits and revisions, since it has been certified as Class A, in compliance with the IEC-61000-4-30 Standard, so that the measurements taken can be used for any type of verification; a pattern element is used during the intake process.
  • The internal GSM type can also be used to download the information remotely and draft a report with the data, even before removing the analyzer, which avoids the need of travelling to the installations.


Power circuit
Power supply range: 100 - 240 Vac
Consumption: 16 V·A / 8 W
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Auxiliary power circuit
Battery: Ni MH
Autonomy: Configurable, up to 9999 s of continuous operation
Voltage measurement circuit
Nominal voltage: 3 x 500 / 866 Vac (for 4-wire connections), 3 x 500 Vac (for 3-wire connections)
Other voltages: Through the measurement transformers
Frequency: 42.5 ... 69 Hz
Sampling frequency: 14.130 kHz
Consumption of the voltage per phase circuit: 0.3 V·A
Current measurement circuit
Measurement margin: Depending on the clip
Maximum current: 1.2 I n
Maximum sampling frequency: 14.130 kHz
Energy meter, maximum value: 1 999 999 kW·h (rotates)
Voltage: 0.1 % Un (IEC-61000-4-30 class A)
Current: 0.1 % I n (IEC-61000-4-30 class A)
Energy Class: 0.2S in accordance with EN-62053-22
Unbalance: ± 0.15 % (IEC-61000-4-30 class A)
Flicker: 5 % (IEC-61000-4-15, IEC-61000-4-30 class A)
Harmonics: IEC-61000-4-7 class I, IEC-61000-4-30 class A
RS-232 / RS-485, GPRS / GSM / RS-232
Data memory
Size: 4 MB Setup Rotary (FIFO)
Ambient conditions
Usage temperature: -20 ºC ... +65 ºC
Build features
Enclosure Sealed enclosure Differential IP 67
EN-61010-1 category III 600 V
470 x 357 x 176 mm Weight 6.7 kg 
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