MiCOM P111


MiCOM P111

Numerical three phase and earth fault overcurrent relays.

The MiCOM P111Enh (Enhancement) relays are suitable for all the application where overcurrent and/or earth-fault protection are required. P111Enh can be applied to medium and low voltage electrical systems as an optimized and cost efficient solution tailored to user’s needs.

MiCOM P111Enh relays provide features for easy adaptation to different applications and operation conditions. The P111Enh can be fully configured manually, without using setting software. Alternatively, MiCOM S1 Studio setting software allows configuration parameters to be modified for a specific application via the USB port. IEC 60870-5-103 and Modbus RTU integrated communication protocols are available for flexible integration into most substation control or DCS systems.

Close and Trip commands can be executed via functional key on the front panel, default menu window, DCS/SCADA system (RS485) or configured binary input. Three level password gives proper rights for secure maintenance of the relay. As a device housed in a small sized flush-mountable case, the P111Enh can be easily installed in all modern, dimension-focused switchgear panels.

The relay can be also considered as a cost-effective answer to retrofit demands of older substations. Selectable measuring criteria: True RMS and/or fundamental frequency (Fourier) current measurements allow to increase selectivity and adapt to the application.

Main Features:

The following functions are generally available in all devices (refer to Table 1 below):
• Operate in 1, 2, or 3-phase arrangement.
• Two setting groups, selected from the relay menu, binary input or SCADA/DCS.
• Flush mounted case.
• Fundamental (fn) and True RMS (within a frequency range from 10Hz to 1kHz) phase current value measurement.
• Earth current fundamental (fn) frequency measurement.
• 9 button keypad to input settings, configure the relay and close and trip command and display (2x16 LCD).
• Fault record for most recent trips.

The P111Enh protection relays are comprised of full suite of protection functions as well as automatic recloser and auxiliaries. Each function can be individually configured or disabled to suit every kind of application.

All available functions, including protection, automation, communication, LEDs, inputs and outputs, are easily programmable through the user-friendly human machine interface and/or the MiCOM S1 STUDIO software interface.


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