Schneider - MiCOM P127


Schneider - MiCOM P127

Schneider - MiCOM P127

Overcurrent and earth fault protection relay-30 TEStandard display

Schneider Micom P127 relay is part of MiCOM P12x, a range of directional and non-directional overcurrent relays from single-phase or earth fault up to the multifunctional three-phase P127 numerical relay with voltage protection functions. Models available: MiCOM P120, MiCOM P121, MiCOM P122, MiCOM P123, MiCOM P125, MiCOM P126, MiCOM P127

MiCOM P127 is housed in a compact 4U case in 20TE or 30TE widths, Schneider Micom P127 Relay is fully withdrawable to facilitate easy and quick replacement. The dual-rated current input is powered by conventional 1A or 5A Current Transformers. A wide-range power supply allows a flexible auxiliary voltage to be applied from 24-250Vdc/48-240Vac. P122 also offers a compact case solution with reduced hardware and functionality where installation space is minimal.

Software features include 2 settings groups for quick switching between application configurations and customizable reflex automation, allowing logical AND, OR, or NOT gates.

MiCOM P127 devices also include a rear RS485 communication port with a variety of protocols; DNP3, IEC 60870-5-103, Modbus, and Courier.



Range of product
-MiCOM P127

Device short name

Relay application

Protection Type
-Overcurrent ANSI code: 50/51
-Recloser ANSI code: 79
-Cold load pick-up
-Earth fault ANSI code: 50G/51G
-Lockout ANSI code: 86
-Negative sequence overvoltage ANSI code: 47
-Undervoltage ANSI code: 27
-Overvoltage ANSI code: 59
-Rate of change of frequency ANSI code: 81R
-Neutral voltage displacement ANSI code: 59N
-Thermal overload protection ANSI code: 49RMS
-Underfrequency ANSI code: 81L
-Phase undercurrent ANSI code: 37
-Breaker failure ANSI code: 50BF
-Negative sequence overcurrent ANSI code: 46
-Restricted earth fault ANSI code: 64REF
-Directional earth fault ANSI code: 67N
-Directional phase overcurrent ANSI code: 67
-Overfrequency ANSI code: 81O
-Voltage-restrained overcurrent ANSI code: 50V/51V

Number of inputs
-4 current input CT...X/5 A and X/1 A
-3 voltage
-12 discrete

Number of outputs
-9 discrete

Communication port protocol
-IEC 60870-5-103
-Modbus RTU


[Us] rated supply voltage
-24...250 V DC 19.2…300 V
-48...250 V DC 38.4…300 V
-48...240 V AC 38.4…264 V

Control and monitoring type
-Circuit breaker/contactor control

Network and machine diagnosis type
-Fault recording
-Event recording
-Disturbance recording15 s

Switchgear diagnosis type
-CT/VT supervision
-Trip circuit supervision ANSI code: TCS

Display type
-Backlit LCD: 2 lines of 16 characters

Discrete input voltage
-24...250 V DC 19.2 V standard variant
-48...250 V AC 19.2 V standard variant
-48...250 V DC 105 V further option
-48...250 V DC 77 V further option
-48...250 V DC 154 V further option

Communication port support


Type of measurement

-177 mm total:
-156 mm embedded:
-155 mm
-249.6 mm total:
-223 mm embedded:
Device mounting

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